Mission Statement  


Philosophy and Mission:


The Chilton County Board of Education believes that:



the primary function of the Career/Technical Center is to recognize the uniqueness of each individual student and work together to promote his/her growth mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. These goals can be accomplished by making available to the secondary students in Chilton County the technical training, related education, and guidance necessary to enable them to choose, to prepare for, and to enter a useful occupation, or to upgrade their present skills in order to become more employable, or make advancement in their present work.


Career/Technical Education is becoming increasingly important in these days of ever-changing needs of home and family, agriculture, business and community. Education for occupational competence should be an integral part of the educational program for every boy and girl coming of age in the future. With the training available at the Career/Technical Center, students have the option of entering the job market, going on to another technical school for additional training, or entering college.


Students are given assistance in making wise choices concerning careers and are provided with necessary occupational information. The curriculum is designed so that attending the Career/Technical Center will in no way limit a student's options following graduation.



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You are entering a highly competitive workforce based on a global knowledge and information economy. To be career and college ready, you need to be able to integrate and apply 21st century skills, technical knowledge and skills, and core academic knowledge. With an emphasis on real world, real life skills, Career and Technical Education – leCroy Technical connects you to academics and training that will help you be successful in the future. Our goal is that every Chilton County public school student will graduate from high school globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and prepared for life in the 21st century. No matter what your dream, you can pursue it through CTE.

Check out the hundreds of career options available to you on our Career Clusters pages.

Each year, thousands of CTE students graduate from high school with career goals, job skills and leadership skills knowing exactly where they will go next to further their academic and hands-on education and training. Find your passion and become one of those students! Learn more at Preparing for Your Future.

CTE is at the front of innovation in education in Alabama. There is nothing more exciting than seeing students engaged in studies that push them to their limits and spark their imaginations. It is our state’s responsibility to prepare all students for success in career, college and life. CTE programs in Alabama are aligned with rigorous industry and academic standards. Teachers participate in meaningful professional development on curricula and instruction, standards and assessment, and academic integration. Program partnerships and advisories communicate this vision with business and industry partners. Such programs meet the demands of the new economy.