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The mission of LeCroy Career Tech Center (LCTC) is to provide academic and career technical skills to prepare students for life after high school with the readiness for employment, higher education, or a combination of both. Our ultimate vision is to empower students to become productive employees, citizens, and leaders within their community.

LCTC programs are designed to enhance the educational achievement of students, improve their ability to work independently and as a team, and utilize work-related knowledge in the thinking and problem-solving process.


LeCroy Career & Technical Center 2020-2021 Application 

Thank you Senator Cam Ward
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Thank you, Senator Cam Ward, for your generous donation to our Health Science classes.  Your generosity will help to finance...
LCTC's Welding students competed in the Tulsa Welding Competition in Anniston on April 26th.  Darren Campbell came in 4th...
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